Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Supplements That May Aid in Weight Loss

by Robin White

I took notes here on a lecture by Dr. Stacey Nottingham at "Yes We Can...Think Outside the Box" Conference on Science-Based Medicine at Nova Southeastern University on Sunday, October 4, 2009.

"The Science of Weight Loss"

Just a note: This is a subject that is so controversial, but it is such a popular subject these days, I decided to cover it in the blog. I do want to also note, that the idea of taking a pill in the place of exercise and proper eating is abhorrent to me, I also recognize that some people need some extra help to jump start and so this article may be of some help. Additionally, these supplements are by no means the only ones that can be used. I encourage you to write to us with your own experiences and thoughts.

Her lecture divides into 3 parts: 1) The body's ability to burn fat, 2) About Your Brain & 3) It's About Balancing Your Hormones

Your body is an energy machine. every activity requires energy.

The Hidden C's: Carbohydrates (converts to sugar in the blood)

Insulin Resistance. (She was asked so much about this topic, she felt it necessary to explain in detail)

When the body has an overload of insulin pumped into the bloodstream, after a long time of insulin "reacting" and trying to get sugar out of the bloodstream and into the muscles/ liver or fat, it becomes "tired" or "saturated" with the message and begins ignoring the call for insulin. It is at the this point that the body has become "insulin resistant". This is the beginning of type 2 Diabetes.

Dr. Nottingham noted that she had battled years of being overweight and has found supplements that helped with her own weight loss.

She explained her theory on what to use and why to use them.

1) Green Tea. Green tea's main advantage for weight loss is that it pulls sugar out of the blood, combating insulin resistance.

2) Vanadyl Sulfate. She uses this for what she calls "stubborn sugar". She describes stubborn sugar as those people with a glucose level of over 100. It is composed of vanadium and mimics the effects of insulin and also helps with insulin resistance. Diabetics can use this with their regular medications. Suggested dosage is 7.5mg 2x per day.

3) Fiber. Pectin, Guar, Psyllium. Metamucil is NOT considered fiber in Stacey's book. This kind of fiber is like a paste. You eat it maybe 30 minutes before a meal. It makes you feel full. It is important to use very little at first, because it can cause a lot of gas. Start with 1 gram and go up as needed.

4) Magnesium. If you take 160-325mg before bedtime, it helps keep you regular and increases GABA in the brain, so it is very relaxing.

5) Carb Blockers. Amylase Enzyme or White Kidney Bean capsules (445mg 2 x day with meals) There is a brand called "Cheaters" which she named.

6) Fucoxanthin with Pomegranate Seed Oil. It is made from Brown seaweed, it activates mitochondrian uncoupling protein in fat tissue (Take 1-2 caps with every meal) Prevents regular fat cells from becoming "mature" (big) fat cells.

7) 7 KETO DHEA. This drives liver cells to burn fatty acids for energy. (100mg in the AM, and 100mg at lunch)



Unknown to many thin people, a great many overweight people do not feel full when they eat. Hence they do not have any signal by the brain to tell them when to stop. Leptin is the hormone responsible for this, produced from the fat cells. It tells us when we are full. Overweight people were found to have very high levels of Leptin, which seems like an oxymoron.

Their cells are leptin resistant. (Similar to insulin resistance, in that the sensitivity to the hormone is lost.) So the leptin they have actually has no effect on the brain anymore.

She combats this in two ways:

1) Irvingia Gabonesis. Combats Leptin resistance. Increases Leptin sensitivity by inhibiting glycerol-3 phosphates dehydrogenase (takes up to 8 weeks) Not an appetite suppressant. (Two 150mg caps per day)

2) Fish Oil. Helps out the "feel full" mechanism.
Note: Fish oil is so good for you in so many ways, Reverse Magazine believes you should definitely be taking it. This is just one more reason to try it.


Three reasons: Emotional, Biological and Physiological

Stop Carbohydrate Cravings by increasing Serotonin in the Brain.

2) L-Tryptophan converts to serotonin in the brain (500 to 3,000mg before sleep)


For those under the age of 40, unless you have severe symptoms, hormone balancing is not usually an issue. If you are over 40, then it is possible that you may have hormone imbalances, which can cause you to gain undue or sudden weight in the stomach area.s

Balance out Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. Correct estrogen dominance by having a hormone panel and getting on bio-identical hormones if necessary. Compounded directly to your body's needs. You will need a physician who is versed in bio-identicals to do a hormone panel, prescribe the right dosage based on that panel, and then monitor you periodically, every 6 months to a year, after you are balanced. The blood or saliva panel and diagnostic is probably around $300. The cost is very low for the actual compound, only about $40 per month.

1) The Stress Hormone - Cortisol. When we are stressed, the hypothalmus via the pituitary directs the adrenal glands to secrete Cortisol and Adrenaline.

During Stress: The Fight or Flight mechanism is activated.

A) When stress occurs, fat is broken down via the adrenaline rush, but then it dissipates.

B) Cortisol stays high, because it is needed to refuel the body after your stressful fight with the saber-toothed tiger or angry boss. Cortisol acts as a storage messenger to store the fuel.

Today, we have constant stress and no physical activity to get rid of that extra fuel.

Result: We get overweight more easily.

Cortisol stays high. It also messes with Leptin. It takes a small fat cell and makes it into a big fat cell.

Cortisol should be higher in the morning, but because of our longer hours, more stress, we end up flipping that curve, being sleepy in the morning, and often wide awake at night.

Most who would classify themselves as "night time eaters" would find their cortisol levels are probably higher at night.



a) L-Theanine - relaxes (100-400mg day)
b) Lemon Balm - reduces anxiety (600mg day)
c) Meditation

Decrease Cortisol (take in afternoon)
a) Vitamin C 3000mg day
b) Phosphatidylserine (300mg) Blunts release of cortisol
c) Omega 3 Fatty acid (Fish oil)

Dr. Stacey Nottingham is a local physician, and that can be found at: www.LifeExtension.com

To wrap things up again, the content of this material is controversial. My take on it is as follows. If you have very stubborn fat, which does not respond to a clean, limited portion diet, devoid of starchy carbs and sugar AND moderate daily exercise, then you may want to experiment with one or some of these supplements and treatments. I would start with one at a time and see how they work for you. I would not advocate spending lots of money. You could be spending a lot and get little to no results. Some people may do well, and others may not respond at all. This is really how it goes, so careful and sensible experimenting is the way to go.

Let us know your know your thoughts.


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