Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The End of The Sweet Tooth

It may alleviate your sweet tooth, do wonderful things for your blood sugar, and minimize your afternoon hunger. What is it? Cinnamon. This common spice apparently can do amazing things for your body. The following article examines some interesting evidence regarding this wonderful tasting product. ARTICLE
Anecdotal evidence for Cinnamon is common, but don't wait till all the hard evidence is in. Enjoy it because it tastes good!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Most Important Book You Will Ever Read

Dr. John Sarno in my mind, should win the Nobel Prize. His methodology is so powerful it should be shared by everyone. I became aware of his success on this ABC TV report by John Stossel. Watch this, it's rather compelling.Video

The thought process is rather unique but also empowering. Dr. Sarno actually gives you power over pain and makes you part of the process. This means being responsible for how you feel. This is a new concept for many. It will be hard to accept, but he has too many files on patients who no longer have to be limited by perceived pain or injury.
Here is a two part interview with Dr. Sarno as well. He's rather convincing in his approach.
Part One.
Part Two.

Dr. Sarno's book is HERE on Amazon.