Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yetta is 82 and Absolutely Amazing!

by Robin White

This lovely, absolutely adorable lady lives in my neighborhood and I had the good fortune of seeing her today in the pool. I met her about a year ago in the same pool and she had a broken arm. She was in the pool doing some of her daily exercises and I was amazed by her then and talked to her for a long time. She is just a charming person, bright and spunky with a great sense of humor with the greatest attitude and zest for life. She just radiates energy. She is lean and gorgeous. She gets in the pool every day with her bright pink noodle and moves around like someone 50 years her junior. She plays bridge and does Jazzercize 4 times per week! She says the secret to staying young and beautiful is to "keep moving". Yetta is the picture of health at 82 and I am following her advice folks! She is definitely my hero.

When anyone tells me they can't exercise or they are too old to do this or that or my personal favorite: "Wait till you get to my age, you'll see", I will just refer them to Yetta for an earful. She complains a little about her same-age friends who won't accompany her to exercise class. They think she is crazy for doing all that moving around, but Yetta doesn't listen, and why should she? In the famous words of Billy Crystal, Yetta...joo look mahvelous!

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  1. Well done, Yetta, from your daughter in law, Kim