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10 Tips For a Better Life Through Healthy Eating by Porter Olson

An article by professional blogger, Porter Olson

A healthy lifestyle cannot be created through a fad diet or miracle solution. It comes from following the basic recipe for a better life that includes such ingredients as a healthy diet. The foods we consume go a long way to determining if we have strong, healthy bodies or if we end up being afflicted with obesity and a multitude of health problems. 

Healthy eating needs to become a habit for it to take a permanent spot in any person's lifestyle. There are many small and subtle ways you can incorporate healthy eating into your daily life:

1. Eat balanced meals

Some diets are based on forcing you to only eat foods that are low in carbohydrates or fat. Other diets require you to cut out meat or some other food group as the primary tool for achieving your health and fitness goals. These diets ignore a fundamental principle that the human body needs nutrients found in a variety of foods.

2. Drink plenty of water
While the myth of our bodies needing eight glasses of water each day is being debated, the importance of water in any diet can’t be denied. Water makes a great alternative to other caloric beverages, including soda pop, fruit juices, and sweetened tea. Water has zero calories, which easily beats the average of 150 per can of soda or 180 per glass of juice. Plus, water can quench your thirst and keep you hydrated longer than most calorie packed alternatives. 

3. Go organic when possible

There is no scientific evidence that shows organic foods have more health benefits than any other types, but many people prefer to eat foods that are grown locally and without pesticides because, in their minds, these foods are healthier. Keep in mind that choosing to eat organic foods may help your health, but isn’t a guarantee.

4. Limit fast food intake

There is nothing redeeming about fast food. It is extremely greasy, high in fat and loaded with sugar, salt and unhealthy carbohydrates. A diet centered on fast food is a ticket to rapid weight gain and obesity related illnesses. Plus, it saps your energy and generally does not taste as good as a home cooked meal that you have prepared yourself.

5. Embrace fruits and vegetables

You can never have too many fruits and vegetables! They make a quick and delicious snack that is also good for your body. All three basic meals can be complimented by adding fruits and vegetables into the mix. Fruits and vegetables have a knack of injecting tons of energy into your body and they go a long way toward keeping you feeling fit, thin and happy.

6. Savor your food

Wolfing down whatever is on your plate is the worst thing you can do at meal time. Not only do you barely taste the food you put in your mouth, but you also have a difficult time satisfying your appetite. Slowing down when you eat lets you savor the aroma and flavor of the cuisine before you. Mix in some conversation as you dine with a friend, family member or significant other. That offers you a chance to enjoy both your meal and your company at the same time.

7. Moderation is a good thing

Get rid of the buffet mentality at meal time. Eat until you are satisfied and then do not take another bite. There's no point in stuffing yourself full of food until you feel bloated and sick. There will be other meals to enjoy the next day and other chances for you to indulge in your favorite dishes once again.

8. Read the label

You can learn a great deal about a particular food item by scanning through the list of ingredients. If you find that it has a ton of strange sounding words, take it as a warning. That food is going to be filled with artificial flavoring, coloring and enough preservatives to keep it around for a century. These are not the types of things you really want in your body.

9. Cook your own meal
The best part of cooking your own food is that you control what goes into your meal and you also control the size of the meal. When you are the chef, you decide what you will eat and what you won't eat. Preparing your own food feels many times more satisfying than grabbing a value meal from a burger joint on the way home from work.

10. Treat yourself

It is impossible to go a lifetime without an occasional treat. Indulge occasionally. Bake up a batch of cookies or brownies with all-natural ingredients, or air pop some popcorn. Whatever appeals to your sweet tooth, make room for it. This will help you maintain a healthy balance in what you eat.

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