Sunday, October 21, 2012

Functional Yoga and Beyond

Functional Yoga and it's companion DVD, "Recharge 3 Pack", are what I refer to as 'bridge' material. The instructor is Brian Friedman of Winter Garden Yoga. [Winter Garden is a town in central Florida]. What Brian has done is to minimize some of the esoteric areas of yoga without sanitizing the art. He's make yoga and science and making the method palatable for the average person. That's why I refer to it as 'bridge' material. For some, the eastern mysticism of yoga might be a turn off and they won't enjoy the benefits of Brian's considerable knowledge.

Brian's presentation in a beautiful studio with great camera work is a welcome sight since excessive production values are often used to pump up a celebrity who is not an instructor. However, Brian's strength is to convey knowledge in a relaxed and articulate manner. This DVD would serve as an excellent tool to fortify less seasoned instructors or serve as an introduction to newbies.

The sister DVD is a three pack of bite sized workouts. One is beginners yoga, then two on joint mobility. This product renders the excuse of, "I don't have time!" as a moot point. They are just what the doctor ordered in terms of minimal time and maximum results. Brian also has an Ebook to back up his DVD package for those who love ebooks and prefer a back up to dvds.

These packages are professional filmed, photographed and packaged. The reference to 'bridge', once again is for someones first taste of yoga or for someone formally uncomfortable with doing yoga. This material is a welcome relief in a field of often vaporous promises.

You can go to Brian's store at
and check them out.

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