Friday, May 28, 2010

Florida Kettlebell And Joint Mobility Workshop September 18, 2010

Mike Mahler and Tom Furman join forces to teach the cutting edge of Kettlebells, Strength, Hormonal Optimization, Mobility, and Fitness.

 Let's get right to the point. If you are serious about getting into great shape and developing strength, flexibility, core strength, endurance, and turning your body into a fat burning machine then this workshop is for you and I want to work with you. You will love kettlebell training. Not a possibility, it is a certainty. If you want to take charge of your physical health and make a serious investment in your well-being, then I want you at this seminar. I love working with people that take charge of their lives and are prepared to pay for high quality services for self-improvement. I work with motivated people. Sound good to you? I hope so and keep on reading.

Who is Mike Mahler?
I am a Kettlebell Instructor and fitness information provider. I am the author of the DVD's The Kettlebell Solution For Speed And Explosive Strength, The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength, and The Kettlebell Solution For Fat Loss And Mental Toughness. I have done over 90 Kettlebell workshops across the US and overseas.  I am the producer of a series of best selling workshop DVD's: "The Boys Are Back In Town", "Collision Course", and "Kettlebell Training In The Age Of Quarrel." I am also the author of "The Aggressive Strength Solution For Size And Strength."

Thousands of people have benefited from my experience with kettlebells and I have written about the benefits of kettlebells in several magazines in the US and Japan including Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Planet Muscle, Industry Magazine, Testosterone Nation, Ironman Magazine, and Ironman Magazine Japan.

Of the thousands of people that I have trained, I have never received any negative feedback. Not one person has been disappointed. What does this mean? It means that you are guaranteed to have a great time at our seminar.

You should be super excited about this seminar.  This informative hands on eight hour seminar is for all levels and no experience whatsoever is needed. However, this seminar is not just for beginners. We are going to cover the basics and then we are going into some really fun stuff that intermediate to advanced kettlebell trainees will absolutely be ecstatic about. Do not worry beginners, once you have the basics down you will be able to partake in the fun as well.

As if that were not enough, I am going to give a lecture on the importance of optimizing sex hormones naturally and why everyone should have their levels checked.
Moreover, I will reveal how to workout and modify your lifestyle to optimize these hormones naturally. This information is crucial to optimal health and well-being. This lecture alone is worth the price of the lecture. Sick of having no energy and making zero progress with your workouts? You need to be at our seminar. As an additional bonus, we are going to discuss the intricate field of training program design and what the common pitfalls are. More than likely you are not maximizing your time working out and you will love this section of the course. You will understand clearly why training programs need to be personalized and how to make that happen.

In addition to the lecture on hormone optimization, my good friend Tom Furman will be teaching a section on the incredible benefits of his joint mobility system. There is nothing else like Tom Furman's joint mobility work so don't think that his section will be on generic moves that you are already know.
Who is Tom Furman?
Tom Furman has been involved in martial arts and conditioning since 1972. With an early background in wrestling and a student of the methods of the York Barbell Club, Tom immediately separated fact from fiction growing up outside Pittsburgh. Eleven members of his family were combat veterans, the most famous one being “Uncle Charlie” (Charles Bronson).

His down to earth training methods are derived from his decades long practice of martial arts and his study of exercise science. The application of force, improvement of movement and durability rank high on his list of priorities when training. He gives credit to hundreds of hours of seminars, training sessions, and ‘backyard’ workouts, including training time with many martial arts legends. He also credits his incredibly gifted training partners who came from varied backgrounds such as Exercise Physiologists, Airborne Rangers, Bounty Hunters, Boxing Trainers and Coast Guard Rescue Divers.

Tom is the creator of the popular DVD “Concrete Conflict & Conditioning” which integrates strength, movement, and physical combat. He also created another DVD called “Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion” which introduces Tom’s excellent program of flexibility. Tom was one of the first American trainers to become RKC certified for Kettlebell Training in the US, and is quoted twice in "The Naked Warrior" by Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of RKC. Tom has done workshops with Kettlebell legends Mike Mahler and Steve Cotter.

When: Saturday September 18, 2010, 9am to 5pm

Where: Crossfit Affliction
10400 State Road 84 #103 Davie
Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33326

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