Monday, May 17, 2010

Kettlebells, A Simple Way To Fitness.

Kettlebells are cannon ball shaped lumps of iron or steel with a handle. They are used primarily in the the strength endurance competition of Girevoy Sport or GS. In this country they have been popularized as a rapid means of fitness, mobility, and endurance. Very specific protocols have been installed to educate muscle movement, build strength, and rehabilitate or prevent injury. The sport of GS is new to this country, but represents the by product of training in this "poor man's Olympic Lifting". Very few people have what it takes in terms of discipline and endurance to partake in GS. Many however can benefit from the primary exercises of kettlebell lifting.

There are several advantages to training with kettlebells.
--  You learn good lifting mechanics for every day tasks.
--  Weaknesses and inflexibilities are rapidly targeted and corrected.
--  Lifting in this style prioritizes the often neglected posterior chain muscles.
--  Flexibility and cardiovascular endurance are a byproduct without direct focus.
--  It enforces strength as a technique or skill.

There are many ways to use a kettlebell. Bad form means injury. Efficiency for the sport of GS has shown us some very interesting guidelines regarding alignment, gripping, and posture. Specific drills teach you the safest and most effective way to train and lift.

By all means, seek the best instruction available. With the advent of the internet most average citizens can be sensational. However, training and teaching history are a matter of record. Do a little research before you pick a workshop or instructor.

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  2. Kettlebells are cannon ball shaped lumps of iron or steel with a handle. They are used primarily in the the strength endurance competition of ...

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