Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lose Those Holiday Pounds!

Now, before you are committed to the impossible burden of a New Years Resolution to lose weight, start now with the simple, streamlined, and effective method to lose Holiday Pounds.

-- Doing hours of exercise? Think again!
-- Getting up extra early? Not on this program!
-- Boring meals? The luxury of steak, wine, and even guacamole!
-- Repetitive exercise? How does variety sound?
-- Give up carbs? You must be kidding?
-- Six meals a day? You'll run out of dental floss!

Rather than end the holidays packing yourself into your loose clothing, start the New Year with a lean, hard, body and energy in abundance!

Do yourself a favor and buy yourself the Christmas gift that will separate this year from all the others!

All this for only 5 Dollars!
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