Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's For Dinner?

by Robin White

We really like to try and eat our meals with very little starch, if possible. And if you have ever tried to do this, you start to appreciate why it's so difficult. Everything in restaurants is served with bread wrapped around it, potatoes on the side, garlic rolls, rice, etc.

I think the reason for this is two-fold: It's cheap, so you get filled up without them having to serve you extra steak or protein, which is much more expensive. The other reason, is that we have come to expect it. Most people would scream bloody murder if they went to Outback or Olive Garden and they didn't give them a big loaf of bread to start out the meal. It's like crack for most people, let's face it.

But let's look at this from a health standpoint. White bread is pretty devoid of nutrients, and the calories are tremendous for the little amount you get. Bad on both counts. When you are trying to reduce calories, this is no way to start out the meal.

Additionally, because white bread is like pure sugar in the bloodstream, with nothing to slow it down (like fiber), it will basically make your insulin soar and then crash. When it comes crashing down, guess who's hungry again? It's kind of like being on the "Starch Seesaw"

We say "fill up on protein first" then vegetables, and then add a little low fat cheese and a small glass of wine, just so you don't feel TOO deprived. So this is our strategy at home. Even though we are not overweight, for regular at home meals, we try to keep it basic, and then if we go out once in a while, we can cheat, because then it's more fun.

So, the dinner tonight in the picture consisted 2 salmon patties grilled with seasoning, chopped zucchinis and squash, grilled, with a little low fat skim shredded mozzerella.

Don't forget to take your Fish oil capsules after dinner. Got to keep your omegas high.

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